Meet ICPSE 2019 at University College Dublin, Ireland


Dr. Fabiano Pallonetto

University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Fabiano Pallonetto is a Senior Power System Researcher with more than ten years’ experience in the energy and transport sectors working as an entrepreneur, data scientist and researcher across different industries and disciplines such as Computer Science, Renewable Energy Engineer, Sustainable Mobility, Data Analytics, Control Algorithms and Optimisation. He is bridging academic research to industrial needs applying his multidisciplinary industry and entrepreneurship experience to build solutions and solve technical challenges for the deployment and integration of the smart grid and its associated carbon footprint reduction.

Speech Title: Role of the artificial intelligence in the energy sector

Abstract:  In a connected environment with high penetration of variable generation from renewable energies, the upcoming smart grid should provide accurate electricity forecast at feeder and building level. Notably, in complex buildings, the precise forecast of peak consumption can trigger demand response mechanisms to reduce the peak load and provide a better power system integration. How can predict with the maximum accuracy the peak load in a complex building fully metered and equipped with solar panels, cogeneration systems, swimming pool and shopping points? What are the latest deep learning techniques to apply and how the system can benefit from the use of effective forecast tools? Is the white box still a necessary tool, or can we replace it with AI models?